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Karate Kids Program

Karate Kids - Martial Arts for Children
Our specialized Karate Kids Program is specifically designed to incorporate positive values while teaching martial arts in our safe, fun, family-friendly karate classes. Some of the important Life Skills we instill in our students include:

Positive Attitude
Self Esteem

Every month, we pick one Life Skill to focus on with the students. Each Karate for Kids student may earn stars for showing this positive value in the class which they may wear on their uniform. Parents can also bring the Life Skills training home by asking the instructors to give stars for specific good behavior at home.

The Karate Kids can earn several different color stars:
Blue Stars are earned for showing good Life Skills in the class or at home. They are also given for other good behavior from the instructors, especially doing well on tests and homework in school.
Gold Stars are earned for showing academic excellence in school. Straight A's on a report card or a significant improvement over their last report card will merit a Gold Star.
Silver Stars are awarded for awards and recognition outside of Karate classes and regular academic schoolwork, such as perfect attendance awards, community certificates, and any other positive recognition.
Red Stars are given for participation in taekwondo tournaments, and other karate-related activities asside from the regularly scheduled classes.

Our patch and star award system acts as a positive insentive for your children to show the positive values you want to see in them. Eventually, they won't have to be given stars, the Life Skills will become a good habit!

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