Steel Workshop Garage ( Papua New Guinea )

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Steel Workshop Garage

Product: Steel Workshop Garage

Manufactured by: K-home Purpose of Use: Workshop Area: 4080 square feet Time: 2021 Location: Papua New Guinea

Steel Workshop Garage In Papua New Guinea

This client in Papua New Guinea needs a steek workshop garage for production. He saw that more and more partners would use steel structure buildings, and it also generated the idea of building a steel structure house. The warehouse need to be affordable, easy to install, it had to be a fully functional space that would last for decades. The customer finally compared and finally chose us. With our experience in prefabricated steel structure buildings and its clear span dimension design, we helped customers design a workshop construction plan that best suits their needs, maximizing the use of The land area and all functional houses inside.

The PEB Steel Building

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The budget given by the client is fixed because his loan amount has been clearly told to us. The customer does not have any experience in installing or building a workshop, the customer has no design drawings, and no information, but only provides his simple ideas. The specific design needs to be judged according to our experience, so we must help the customer solve its problems in this regard The internal space needs to be divided into many areas, each area has its fixed function, and the area of the land is fixed, we need to arrange the space reasonably This factory needs to be used for at least 20 years, and needs to be able to experience the customer’s local harsh environmental climate.


We have issued two very complete quotation plans to customers, one of which can fully meet the customer’s loan amount, and the other is slightly lower than the loan amount, because we hope to help customers save some money, It can be used for him to buy machines or production lines in the workshop so that the quality of the products he produces will be more guaranteed. It is also the purpose of the customer to build this factory. In order to produce good products, this is also what we can do to help customers. First of all, we discussed the size of the land and the type of products we want to produce, and showed the customer many cases where we helped customers build houses, as well as many cases where customers installed houses by themselves so that he understood that installation is not a problem, we can guide customers from start to finish. Then we discussed the house inside the workshop, the workshop required by customers needs to be divided into many parts, including pre-processing workshop, production workshop, installation workshop, packaging workshop, and other functional rooms, kitchen, dining room, lounge, recreation room, conference room, toilet, bathroom, laundry room, etc. We provide customers with two options, one is a house that can be used for 20 years, and the other is a house that can be used for 30 years for customers to choose from. After all, his project has very good prospects for use. The design meets the local design codes, as well as the needs of wind resistance, earthquake resistance, and other weather conditions.


Papua New Guinea customers are very satisfied with our engineering and solutions and admire our professionalism and patience. We helped him complete the project before the arrival of the peak production season, which is also thanks to the trust of both parties. He will be expanding his business soon and will be back with us again and will recommend it to our friends who need prefab construction.

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