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Our Staff

Mr. Paul Mazzarella

5th Degree Black Belt - Chief Instructor

Mr. Mazzarella, or "Mr. Mazz" as the students ususally call him, officially began martial arts training in 1991, and currently has twenty years of experience in the field. He received his first degree Black Belt in November of 1993, at which time he started assisting in teaching Taekwondo classes. Mr. Mazzarella became a certified instructor in 1997, shortly after attaining the rank of Third Degree Black Belt. Mr. Mazzarella currently holds the rank of Fifth Degree Black Belt.

Before the fall of 2001, he taught regularly in Hampton Bays at his instructor's second karate school, but at that time he officially took ownership and became the school's Chief Instructor. Since that time, he has gone through a great deal of growth, both professionally and personally. Since the Spring of 2011, he has been teaching classes in both Patchogue and Hampton Bays locations.

Mr. Mazzarella is CPR and First Aid certified. He beleives that safety should always be the top priority of any instructor for his or her students.

During his training, Mr. Mazzarella learned a wide variety of self-defense techinques, include pressure points, joint manupulation, and body mechanics. His self-defence tactics draw concepts from traditional Taekwondo, Hapkido, Aikido, and Jiu-Jitsu.

His training also includes knowledge of many martial arts weapons, such as nunchucku, short sticks, long staff (bo), and sword, among others.

Mr. Mazz also enjoys membership in the following martial arts groups and associations, through which his rank and and certifications are recognized:
  • World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts
  • Modern Warrior Arts Union
  • International Bujutsu Society
  • International Combat Martial Arts Union Association

Mrs. Melissa Jody Mazzarella

Chief of Business & Marketing

Mrs. Mazzarella is a vital part of the Mazzarella Martial Arts team. She handles the administrative and business tasks of the school, and is usually the first person most people meet when visiting us for the first time.

Mr. Mike Hutchings

4th Degree Black Belt - Guest Instructor

Mr. Hutchings has trained alongside Mr. Mazzarella, our Chief Instructor, for over eighteen years. He often assists Mr. Mazzarella in teaching classes at Mazzarella Martial Arts.
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