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Student and Parent Testimonials

Please note, we've changed the names of the persons involved to protect the privacy of our students, but the following account is otherwise 100% true.

I feel as though I already know you, as I've heard so many good things about you from Johnny and his mom. The reason I'm writing to you is that something quite significant has happened that you should know ...

Last Friday there was an incident in Johnny and his mom's home ... where a former boyfriend (with whom they have had no personal contact since last year) came to the house and became abusive and assaultive to both mother and son. Fairly quickly Johnny, in defense of himself and his mom, launched into his practiced karate movements and immobilized the intruder and, at the same time, his mom used her knowledge as well and restrained the man. Johnny called 911 and the police came and secured the scene and arrested and removed the intruder.

Johnny and his mom are very dear to me; they are my family. I wonder now, had they not been trained by you with such excellence in self-defence, a very different outcome may have resulted ... I look forward to someday meeting you and I thank for all that you've done for Johnny and his mom ...

A few happy parents talk about their experience ...

"The Self-Defense and Life Skills training my children have acquired under the Mazzarella's classes have been a positive and exciting experience."
- Karate Mom of Three

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